Marketing | noun | \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\

:the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service


Kaiman Bros. Media is a unique creative studio and media agency that combines extensive big production company experience with an agile entrepreneurial spirit. We have deep experience and knowledge in all aspects of media production, management and distribution.

We work with our clients to produce creative, visually compelling and engaging advertising, marketing and promotional media, but we don't stop there. Instead, we take each project to the next level by offering a suite of professional post house services that include editing, audio recording and sound design, motion graphics and animation. And there's more. We also manage your media and its distribution as well as use sophisticated analytics to discern consumer reaction.

Our team of professionals will also provide consulting services around a myriad of digital media related products and services, including social, mobile and cloud-based media.

We are serious, seasoned professionals using cutting edge technologies that liberate us to respond in a flexible and relevant way to any size project and budget.

Case Study: Deloitte's Annual Technology Trends Video Series

About the project: Deloitte’s annual Tech Trends reports examine the ever-evolving technology landscape and those trends that have the potential to transform business, government, and society. 

Written from the perspective of the CIO, these reports explore technology trends that have the opportunity to impact organizations - across industries, geographies, and sizes today and in the future.

Our Role: In 2011 Deloitte asked Kaiman Bros. to help support the effort to transform the Technology Trends report from a paper-based report into a multimedia format. Each year since 2011, Kaiman Bros. has produced a series of 10 - 20 trends videos that augment the written report. The complete multimedia report is distributed to thousands of CIOs, industry executives, researchers and others, via the web, and as an iPad app.

Sample Trend Video: