Learn | verb | \ˈlərn

: to gain knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something


Kaiman Bros. Learning is a unique digital learning production company that combines big consulting company experience with an agile entrepreneurial spirit. We have deep experience and knowledge in all aspects of eLearning content planning, production, management and distribution.

We work with our clients to create highly customizable, highly targeted rich-media learning and training media for any organization, of any size.

Our team of professionals will also provide consulting services around a myriad of digital learning related products and services, including social, mobile and cloud-based learning.

We are serious, seasoned professionals using cutting edge technologies that liberate us to respond in a flexible and relevant way to any size project and budget.

Case Study: Five Guys University

About the Project: Five Guys University is an online enterprise university where over 200,000 new recruits have been trained on the "Five Guys Way". Rich-media learning content is distributed to employees in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe and the Middle East.

Our Role: In 2006, Five Guys asked Kaiman Bros. to lead an effort to transform the Five Guys training system from a classroom-based system to an online system. Since 2007, Kaiman Bros. has produce hundreds of video-based courses in English, French Canadian, Spanish and French (adding new languages each year). The video-based courses have generated millions of views over the years and distibution is managed via our state-of-the-art media distribution network.