Your annual customer conference or all-hands meeting is about to begin. Everyone is seated, the crowd goes quiet, and the lights go down. Suddenly your keynote speaker loses his place and takes your opening speech in another direction, and then the energy pumping music you had prepared is accidently switched with a teenage love song. Uh-oh. All your preplanned work for an awesome conference kickoff performance just went down the drain….in under 5 minutes. 

Sure, this is a worst-case scenario but one “hiccup” in your conference opener can set the mood for the rest of the conference. 

These days to avoid painful mishaps and unclear messaging, companies have started hiring video production companies to create a high energy, impactful opening video. With these kick-off videos, conference goers get to hear from numerous companies heads, get an impacting visual of the message(s) going out and get swept up in the excitement of what the conference will do for them.

So what does your company get when they use high impact videos to kick off a conference? Below are just a few of the benefits:

  1. A Clear Message: Probably, your main goal at your conference is that the attendees not just hear the message but understand and retain it, right? Most of the time, a live message from a speaker is the most effective. But your opening number (as they say in theater) is what really grabs your conference goer and sends the message about what the company and conference is all about. There is no room for error at this point.  When you prerecord your speakers you can edit, reword and included visual aids. By using video- you create your message, meaning it is the exact thing you want and will not change. Preparing a live message doesn’t have the same assurance- anything can happen.
  2. Lower Risk: As I mentioned in the first point, when you use videos you lower your risk of losing out on the message. But there are other risks that take place as you open the conference. You may want to use high-energy music, show a video clip, and have a power point presentation to set the tone for your conference- all great ideas!  But with multiple duties come multiple risks. With a kick-off video it is a one-stop shop. All the music, multiple interviews, power point slides are found with one push of the play button. 
  3. A Good Impression: A wise person once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Most likely, your conference’s opening ceremony is your biggest moment to make a great first impression. Not many speakers or power point presentations can beat out a great video that wraps up music, sound bites, action clips, humor, history and great animation into a brief package. Videos can do more in short period of time and use multi-faceted levels of messaging to make your attendee go “Wow, this is conference is incredible.” And that was just the opener. 

Time and again, the companies we work with return to video production to kick off their conferences, annual director’s meetings and various other critical meetings where impressions and messaging are important.  You can find some great kick-off conference videos online or check out a few of ours at