1,000 Words.

1,000 Words.

 1,000,000 Words.

1,000,000 Words.


Kaiman Bros. was founded in mid 2007 by Brad and Pete Kaiman, just months before the beginning of what is now referred to as the "Great Recession". From most perspectives the timing could not have been worse, but not from our perspective. 

We see things through a different lens.

In 2007 we believed it was more important than ever for people, companies and institutions to recommit to core values and missions and to reconnect deeply with customers, partners, employees and anyone else that would listen.

We believed that there were important stories to tell (your stories) and we believed that there were new and exciting ways to tell and distribute those stories.

We recognized that people were listening more carefully and accessing media in new ways. The world was changing very quickly and the things people were seeking most were clarity, stability and trust.

We thought we could help tell your important stories. 

We still do.

Throughout 2007, 2008 and 2009 we saw an opportunity to rethink the concept of media. We were convinced that through the use of high-impact production techniques and intellegent distribution technologies it was possible to tell your important story in a more efficient way, to more people, in more places, in a more digestible manner, and make it all accessible anytime, anyplace and on any device (or screen).

Years later we are still on the same mission. We sum it up in four words:

Your story. Our Lens.

At Kaiman Bros. we combine creative, high-impact media and motion picture production (our right-brain products and services) with state-of-the-art, cutting edge, rich-media learning content production (our left-brain products and services).

For us, at the heart of it all is the lens. What do you want the world to see and learn about your business?

Whether you are looking for a creative agency to produce high-impact advertising, marketing or promotional media for your next campaign, have interest in producing a stunning documentary, or you are looking for a agile learning partner to produce world-class, rich-media learning content, you have come to the right place.